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William White

JAN Memory Craft 9850 Computerized Sewing And Embroidery Machine W FREE 4 Piece V.I.P Reward Package And FREE 2nd Day Shipping

JAN Memory Craft 9850 Computerized Sewing And Embroidery Machine W FREE 4 Piece V.I.P Reward Package And FREE 2nd Day Shipping

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The JAN Memory Craft 9850 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine comes equipped with the best features to allow you to unleash your inner creativity flow. Sporting a 9mm Stitch Width. a Sewing Speed of Up to 1.000 Stitches Per Minute. 200 Built-In Stitches. a 6.7?? x 7.9?? Embroidery Field. 175 Built-In Embroidery Designs. On Screen Editing Functions on a Full Color LCD Screen. the amount of Features Almost Seem Endless!

  • 175 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • 200 Built-In Sewing Stitches
  • Sew Up to a 9mm Width
  • Built-In Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Easy to Use LCD Control Panel
  • Sews up to 1.000 Stitches Per Minute
1.000 SPM
9 MM
5 MM
200 and 3 Alphabets
22.9 lbs
W 8.1?? x H 4.7??
W 18.7?? x H 12.4?? x D 8.8??

Now when you purchase the JAN Memory Craft 9850 Computerized Sewing Machine. you will receive a FREE! 4-Piece V.I.P Reward Package and FREE! 2nd-Day Shipping (Over $200 Retail Value).Lights. Camera. Action! The V.I.P is Here! Purchasing a JAN 9850 Sewing Machine from Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew instantly upgrades you to V.I.P Status making you eligible to receive a FREE! 4-Piece V.I.P Reward Package and FREE! Next-Day Shipping. The 4-Piece V.I.P Reward Package. includes FREE! 2nd-Day Shipping. JAN Free Arm Embroidery Hoop FA10a (Retail Value ?C $109.99). Optic Magnifer Set (Retail Value ?C $99.99). Package of 5 Needles (Retail Value ?C $4.00). and a Set of Bobbins (Retail Value ?C $5.00). Absolutely FREE!

Click Here for More Info on the FREE! 4-Piece V.I.P Reward Package and FREE! 2nd-Day Shipping

Automatic Needle Threader

Poor eyesight is no longer problem with this attribute! It??s effortless. pull down the needle threader. place your thread in the hook and in front of the needle. pull back and your needle is threaded!

Easy Set Drop-In Bobbin System with Automatic Thread Take-Up

The Top-Loading Drop-In Bobbin System makes it easy to change the bobbin when you run out. The Cover is clear so you can easily see if you are running out of bobbin thread. Janome??s Bobbin System is Jam-Proof so you don??t have to worry about your machine jamming if you sew off the edge of your project.

Drop Feed Capability

Free motion quilting to old fashion darning is easy with the drop-feed system. No hard to use darning plates. just push the drop feed switch over and the feed will drop.

Easy-To-Use Full Color Touch Screen

Everything on this machine is done with the Full Color Touch Screen. from machine settings to changing a thread color of a design.

Touch Screen Stitch Selection

To select a stitch simply press the Stitch to get to the stitch you want! The Stitches are organized into 9 groups to make it easy to choose what you want. Choose from Applique Stitches. Heirloom Stitches. Quilting Stitches. Satin Stitches. Bridge Stitches. Decorative Stitches. Long Stitches. Play Stitches. and even Pictograph Stitches! There are 200 Built-In Stitches (up to 9mm wide!) as well as 3 Built-In Alphabets and multiple modes (Utility. Decorative. etc.) built-in. making the possibilities endless! Since the machine is computerized you do not have to set the stitch length and width. the machine will do it automatically for you!

Make Stitch Adjustments On Screen

Making adjustments to stitches couldn??t be easier! All Adjustments are Located on One Screen and are made by just Touching the Plus or Minus Buttons on the Screen! Make Adjustments to the Needle Drop Position. Stitch Length. Stitch Width. and Even the Elongation Ratio! The JAN 9850 allows you sew at an incredible 9mm Width (Most Machines Sew at 7mm or Below). All included sewing feet and many stitches built-in are made to sew at 9mm so you are ready to sew wide right out of the box!

Create Custom Pattern Stitches

The JAN 9850 has Built-In Letter and Number Stitches allowing you to sew quilt labels and more with your sewing machine. Upper-Case. Lower-Case. Numbers and Punctuation is all built into the machine as well as a 9mm Monogram Font! The JAN 9850 also gives you the ability to create your own chain of custom stitches. allowing you to give your projects more flair. Combine Standard Stitches with Lettering Stitches to sprinkle names into projects!

Click Here To See the 3 Built-In Lettering Stitches

Create Custom Monograms

Start embroidering names onto pillows. blankets. towels. etc. with one of the 3 Built-In Embroidery Fonts right out of the box. Personalize anything you want. Just type in the name and press go.

Edit Custom Monograms

With no external software needed. the 9850 allows you to edit monograms right on the machine! Create arcs in your monograms. enlarge or shrink your monogram. or even rotate your monogram in the orientation you need.

Create Custom Framed Monogramming

The JAN 9850 makes it easy to personalize towels. hats and shirts with framed monogramming. Simply choose either 2 or 3 letter framed monograming. choose your frame. and input the desired letters. done. Everything is easily done right on the touch screen. and it even gives you a preview of the design.

Easily Choose Embroidery Designs

To select an Embroidery Design simply press the Icon of the design you want! The Designs are organized into 8 groups to make it easy to choose what you want. Choose from Favorite Designs. Geometric Designs. Pantry Designs. Monochrome Designs. Cross Stitch Designs. Fringe Designs. and Floral Alphabet Designs! There are 175 Built-In Designs as well as 3 Built-In Alphabets and multiple modes (Utility. Decorative. etc.) built-in. making the possibilities endless!

Click Here To See All 175 Built-In Designs

Easily Edit Embroidery Designs

The JAN 9850 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine allows you to position your embroidery designs wherever you like on the hoop. rotate designs in 45?? and 1?? increments. mirror image designs. resize designs. add more embroidery designs and more.

Attaching the Embroidery Unit

With the JAN 9850 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine. converting to embroidery mode is super easy. Simply slide on the Embroidery Unit. change the current foot to the Embroidery foot. and change the needle plate to the straight stitch plate for accurate embroidery and you??re done!

Large Embdroidery Area

The JAN 9850 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine comes with two hoops. One square hoop with a 5.5?? Square Embroidery area with a Template Grid and a Larger hoop with a 7.9?? x 6.7?? embroidery area also with a Template Grid. The Generous Embroidery Field size allows you to embroider many designs available on the market with ease. Enjoy embroidering pillows. blankets. shirts and more!

Quick Flip-Up Stitch Chart

Located at the top of the machine is a convenient flip-up stitch panel that shows you all of the Built-In Stitches at a glance. It also tells you the corresponding stitch number that goes along with the sewing stitch that you have chosen. Lifting the top also exposes Sewing Foot Storage. the bobbin winder. the thread spool. thread tension and adjustable presser foot pressure dial.

Click Here To See All 200 Built-In Stitches

Handy Function Buttons

The Handy Function Button Panel is extremely easy to use and provides the user with variety of functions. The Thread Cutter Button will cut the the top thread and bobbin thread with the touch of a button. The Reverse Button allows your machine to sew in reverse to reinforce stitching. The Lock Stitch Button finishes the stitch you are on so you do not finish with half a pattern and the Needle Up/Down brings your needle either up or down with the touch of a button. You can also use the Needle Up/Down Button to set your needle in the down position every time you finish a seam so you can easily pivot on your work. The Start/Stop button allows you to sew without using the foot control and if you press it and hold it down. it will sew very slowly; so you can be as exact as you want.

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